For property owners

For us, it is important to continuously follow how companies and the business world develop.

We set the bar high.

Using statistics and reports gives us knowledge about how companies experience the conditions for running their business in Sweden, but also how the attitude towards entrepreneurship changes in step with modernization and digitalisation.

The development in Sweden attracts more and more visitors, with the help of Svea Apartment you have the opportunity to offer your visitors, employees and consultants a homely and comfortable stay.

Now you as a property owner can be part of an important effort. Svea Apartment is constantly looking for new partners and apartments in attractive areas that companies can take advantage of. The rental takes place with additional services and planned inspections, all to ensure that all parties are satisfied.

Do we have something that matches you?

We are happy to receive your expression of interest in an apartment so we can get back to you when we have something that matches your needs.
Company & Consultant
Do you have a temporary project in Gothenburg or are you looking for accommodation for a consultant in Stockholm?
Temporary accommodation
Here you get a homely base in a unique and inspiring environment at humane prices.
Do you want to rent out your apartment in a safe and secure way?